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Traveling with school-aged children? That’s right!

Traveling with school-aged children? That's right!
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Completely new perspectives

Since the coronavirus pandemic at the latest, we have learned that the office doesn’t have to be the only workplace.

Before the crisis, the proportion of employees working from home was just four percent. However, in April 2020, during the first lockdown, this figure jumped to around 30 percent. Although the coronavirus pandemic is now on the decline, working from home has established itself as a flexible working model. Even with the number of infections falling, not every employee is returning to their desk. According to a survey in August 2022, only 29% of respondents stated that office presence was a mandatory working arrangement in their companies. This opens up completely new perspectives.

Travel, for example. Don’t you sometimes dream of simply breaking out of your normal routine for a few months at a time and working from the most beautiful places in the world? As long as your employer plays along or you are self-employed and don’t have children or your children are not yet at school, you can easily organize this. And if you have school-aged children? Then the good times are over because they have to go to school.

A thought experiment?

Your boss has said “yes” or you’re working independently anyway and the big day is coming soon. You’re going traveling with your family. You want to see the world for a year. The camper is packed – off you go tomorrow. At the last dinner at home, you discuss what you want to see in the first few weeks, which places you want to visit. The children are very excited and can hardly fall asleep. You are incredibly happy that you can offer your children this great opportunity. A year of traveling will change their lives and broaden their horizons so much. But you do have a few concerns about whether it will all work out. You finally fall asleep too. The next morning – it’s Sunday – it’s a wild mess. Finally you’re all in the camper and off you go. You pack up your family and set off on the adventure of a lifetime. You drive all day and everyone is still very excited. After a few hours of driving, things start to calm down and your children sleep for a while. In the early evening, you arrive in a small, pretty town. City walls, history and a castle. You have a few more hours to see the sights of the town, go out for a tasty meal and fall happily into bed in the evening. Happy to have been brave enough to actually do it.

The next morning, you have breakfast and then unpack your laptops, you work for a few hours and the children meet their new classmates in the online meeting. They have already met their classmates and teachers. It’s all still a bit strange, but the atmosphere is good and the lessons are fun. After three hours, the children finish school and you are soon finished with your work. And off you go again. You drive into the evening and arrive at the sea – your first destination, where you want to spend a week. After a few days, it’s natural for everyone to work and study in the mornings – in the afternoons you go swimming in the sea and explore the area. 51 exciting weeks lie ahead of you.

Could this be your dream? Whether for a year, 3 months or forever. Whether by camper, sailing boat or plane, whether near or far. We offer you and your family everything you need so that your children can travel without missing any schoolwork.

UNBRICKED is at the front line of an educational revolution. Not only in terms of your family’s independence of location, but especially with regard to our pedagogical concept.

While some advantages are obvious, location-independent learning offers you and your child even more benefits. But first things first.

Family-friendly learning

It’s clear: location-independent learning is family-friendly. Do you want to travel for months on end? Or are you an actor, sportsman or musician? Would you like to have your family with you at all times? No problem. Pack your loved ones. Explore the world together. The only thing your child needs is an internet-enabled device and a stable internet connection.

You’ll never have to be away from your family again because of school commitments and can be part of your child’s school life every day. This strengthens your family’s sense of community without having to live in the same place for decades.

In this way, you not only create a deep family bond, but also give your child a deep connection to the world and other cultures.

UNBRICKED is at the forefront of an education revolution. Not only in terms of your family’s local independence, but especially in terms of our educational concept.

While some of the advantages are obvious, location-independent learning offers you and your child even more benefits. But first things first.

Flexibility in time management

One of the most striking advantages of location-independent learning at UNBRICKED is the flexibility in time management that is granted despite daily three-hour virtual classroom sessions. School does not have to start at 8 a.m. for every child. This means that one child may start the school day at half past nine in the morning and another not until 1pm. During the introductory meeting, we discuss exactly which time zone you are in and which class suits you best. In addition to learning together, UNBRICKED allows students to set their own schedule for self-study and consolidation of what they have learned. Your child learns when they are most receptive or when it fits into their free time schedule and your family time. In this way, we promote autonomy and efficiency in the learning process.

Community and interaction

Although learning at UNBRICKED is location-independent, the daily presence in the virtual classroom creates a strong community. Students have the opportunity to interact with their classmates and teachers in real time. This interaction promotes the social aspect of learning, supports the mutual exchange of ideas and creates a supportive environment in which questions can be asked and solutions can be worked on together.

A particular advantage is that your child remains in their school environment, even if you move on with the family. The fact that this is particularly important during puberty is shown by a study of British military children who had to move frequently during their school years. Many of these children developed fears that persisted into adulthood, especially fears of attachment. (Stable friendships for adolescents: more important than school!?)

Self-management and personal responsibility

Remote learning requires a remarkably high level of self-management and personal responsibility from your child. In the traditional school system, the structure of lessons and physical presence at school may help to keep students on track. With remote learning, however, the situation is different. Here, it’s crucial that your child takes control and responsibility over their educational journey in order to succeed. Naturally, UNBRICKED will guide your child towards self-motivation and personal responsibility. Our aim is for your child to learn to put together their own learning plan. In weekly mentoring meetings, our students reflect on how they have fulfilled their own plan and have the opportunity to adjust their learning plan again and again until their own learning plan really suits the individual child.

In addition, your child must actively participate in lessons, ask questions, use additional materials, continuously educate themselves and turn to teachers and classmates for support if they have questions or difficulties. The concept of self-responsibility extends beyond the classroom to organizing materials, meeting deadlines and evaluating one’s own progress.

The skills of self-management and personal responsibility that are developed in remote learning are invaluable, not only for school, but also for later life. They promote independence and the ability to achieve self-imposed goals. At UNBRICKED, care is taken to teach and reinforce these skills to ensure that students not only acquire knowledge, but also develop the skills that will make them successful and self-reliant learners and individuals in the future.


The advantages of location-independent learning are convincing for all open-minded globetrotters who often want to or have to travel.

Location-independent learning is family-friendly as it allows traveling and working from any location. The flexibility in time management allows students to find their own learning rhythm and, despite the physical separation, the daily presence in the virtual classroom creates a strong community and promotes social interaction. Self-management and personal responsibility are specifically developed to provide students with vital skills for their future.

UNBRICKED is leading an educational revolution that focuses on local independence from families with modern pedagogical concepts. We offer location-independent learning as an innovative and holistic educational experience, so that your child can freely develop all their potential while you get to know the most beautiful places on our beautiful earth.

Join our first two pilot classes and paint the future of education!

“Every beginning is difficult, as they say. But not only that! Every beginning also offers many very special opportunities. Not only for us, but especially for our students and their parents.

In our first two pilot classes, you have the opportunity to play a decisive role in painting the future of UNBRICKED!

And as a big thank you, we have a very special offer for you!”