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Unbricked secondary school

A new way of school

A new way of school: A great promise – we keep it. With us, your child will receive excellent education. Why are we so sure? Because we base our approach on what science has known for decades about how learning works. And we apply that knowledge with lots of heart and intelligence. You can find out what that looks like specifically here.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

- Malcolm X

We want tomorrow to belong to our students. And we prepare them for that.

UNBRICKED – A new way of school is so much more than just a school. We live, love, research, learn, discover, experiment, celebrate, and study together. Our teachers and students are real partners who respect each other and believe in bringing out the best in each other. Of course, young people face many challenges, and often their souls waver. We take this seriously and work with and through it.

We see every child as who they are: a lovable person. And that’s why our students look forward to school every day. Because we create a safe place where every child feels secure, with everything they can’t do yet and everything they aren’t yet. Even if a child is angry today, exuberantly happy tomorrow, or sad the day after. In a learning environment where the child is truly at the center, we learn with our heads, hearts, and hands. So with our modern learning concept, we can bring every child to their goal in less time than the state school system, and we offer so much more than just math, German, physics, and biology. Entrepreneurship, finance, new media, artificial intelligence, technology and research in all areas and all with lots of fun and enthusiasm. We always keep the desired school leaving certificate in mind. Currently, we offer preparation for all British and German school leaving certificates. Preparation for French certificates is in planning.

Our pedagogical concept

From birth, your child is an explorer and researcher full of potential. We encourage this sense of discovery and desire for exploration. Joseph Beuys once said, “Everyone is an artist”. A creator of their own life and a co-designer of the future. To be a creator requires a vision, a willingness, and a plan. Whether your child is a dreamer or a doer, we empower your child to shape the curriculum according to their needs and interests, both individually and as part of the class. Our teachers provide as much structure as needed and ensure the quality of the learning plan. Focused and concentrated learning is as important as giving freedom for research and experimentation. We are particularly guided by two elements of the North European school model.

Pedagogues and experts

Excellent didactics for the basic material, expert knowledge for advanced teaching. First, students should understand what type of learner they are and how to learn in a brain-friendly way so they can develop a love for learning. Once this is firmly established, they need experts who are rock-solid in their field.

Project-based learning

Interdisciplinary, heterogeneous and mixed ages, for a learning experience that flows without disturbing class bells. Until students can put together a meaningful learning plan on their own, natural and social sciences are taught two days a week.

Our students work on the material necessary for graduation in much less time than in state school systems. We invest the extra time gained in your child and educate them through our Open Studies and Deep Dives in entrepreneurship, art, culture, personality development, and future research. Additionally, your child receives mentoring once a week, in which not only academic success is reflected upon, but all current topics can be discussed.

Preparation for life, not just for exams

The most important thing is that we prepare your child. For an excellent graduation (currently German Abitur/English A-Level). For life. For their career, whatever it may look like for your child. Entrepreneurship and finance, new media and artificial intelligence, technology and research in all areas. We react quickly and deliver the tools so your child is prepared for the future. That is why we have “Open Studies” every Thursday. Interdisciplinary project work based on your child’s interests and inclinations. Because education is the ticket to the future.

Individual support

We care deeply about the individual development of your child. Through small class sizes and our educational concept, we ensure that your child develops to their fullest potential and is supported and challenged according to their abilities and interests. Is your child a math genius who makes every teacher look old? No problem, we’ll open up the math expert playground for your child. Is your child artistically gifted? We’ll ensure a stress-free school experience that still provides plenty of time and space for your child’s artistic development.

Classes in English

Our world is international, just like our students. The best preparation for a future with a high level of proficiency in languages is provided by our classes that take place in English. Even children who do not speak English well yet can easily adapt to the language within the first few months. Since English is the natural language environment for our students, it almost feels like learning a second native language for your child. And without grading, the pressure to succeed in traditional language classes disappears naturally.


Twice a year, our students gather at a thrilling spot in Europe to build stronger relationships with one another and explore various topics from science, art, sports, health, and economics in greater detail. In the process, they also gain exposure to other languages and cultures. This fosters deep connections throughout Europe, resulting in an international community that remains helpful and supportive of each other long after leaving school.

Not just teachers

Our teachers are learning companions, as they not only teach, but accompany your child in all experiences related to independent learning. The traditional “cramming” is not present here. We rely on a mix of pedagogues and experts, who are chosen individually based on what the class currently needs.

Small classes of max. 8 students.

The maximum class size is eight students. This is to ensure that the learning guides truly have a close eye on every child and that each student receives sufficient attention and time for questions, reflection, and feedback. Every Thursday, we break up the classes and the students have the opportunity to work on projects beyond their class in the ‘Open Studies’.

The perfect school day

9:15 - 9:30
Open start
We start off relaxed with an open beginning. Students meet in the Zoom room and have the opportunity to talk about anything that is currently occupying or bothering them. This way, their minds are clear for the start of the school day and we can begin focused.
9:15 - 9:30
Let's get started
We activate our body and mind for 5 minutes, we drink a glass of still water, pump oxygen into the finest veins and wake up our brain.
9:30 - 12.30
We discover, research, and learn about a complex topic for 3 hours every day.
9:30 - 12.30
Give me a break
Students determine their own break times, while at the beginning of a new class, the teacher ensures that they are being used meaningfully.
In the afternoons, there is a 45-minute period where the students can gather feedback on their research independently. They arrange the specific times themselves to match their schedule and to ensure they have adequate time for leisure activities.

The perfect school year

“Our concept may be free, but our school year is structured to provide a framework for that freedom. The school year consists of trimesters, and classes take place:

1. From the first Monday in September until December 20th
2. From January 7th until one week before Easter
3. One week after Easter until mid-July.

Our Deep Dives take place during the second week of school and the last week before Easter.”


Two days a week, our students learn and research in the fields of mathematics and natural sciences based on empirical observations and experiments. Our students dive deep into interdisciplinary teaching and their projects, not only with mere formulas on a piece of paper, and explore together how the world works.

social science

The message is discussing the importance of humanities in education. It mentions topics such as literature, languages, history, art, music, philosophy, cultural and social sciences. The message emphasizes that it is not just about how these subjects are studied, but why they are studied. Two days a week, students engage in scholarly research to understand human experiences, values, and perspectives in order to expand their understanding of the world and themselves.

Open Studies

From our own experience, we know how enriching it is to have one whole day a week to engage with topics beyond the school curriculum. Therefore, every Thursday, we divide the classes and the students have the opportunity to choose from our offer or to come up with their own topics and projects for which they take responsibility.

Encouragement for personal responsibility

The aim is to enable students to put together their own learning plan as a class, in which individual subjects (groups) are taught with project-based learning. Teachers accompany the process and ensure that the plan is meaningful and prepares the students optimally for required external performance assessments and desired school qualifications.

Strengthening community

We meet online. It has been clear for a while now that this brings many advantages, and not just since Covid. At UNBRICKED, we experienced before even founding the company how close we could grow together despite being thousands of kilometers apart. However, we also learned the importance of meeting offline in order to build even stronger connections. That’s why there is a class trip at the beginning of each school year, where students can lay the foundation for lifelong friendships.

Deep Dives

We are particularly proud of our Deep Dives. Every year before Easter, an incredibly exciting time takes place across classes in an easily accessible European city. On-site, students have the opportunity to delve even deeper into languages, cultures, sports, and selected content. In addition to the experiences, it’s important for us that students build an international network and support each other even after graduation.

Our teachers

Our class teachers are highly motivated, cosmopolitan, trained teachers with a focus on natural sciences or humanities. They see themselves as learning guides, and the development of your child is their focus. Professional training is just as natural as continuous supervision. In addition, experts from research, art, culture, and business also teach project-based lessons.


Our subject and class teachers have the necessary teaching qualifications and academic background. At the same time, we pay attention to selecting true educators. Non-native English speakers have at least a C1 level. In addition, real experts from practice and research lead our project teams.


Our learning guides share our values and are highly motivated to prepare your child for the future. For this, we not only create a friendly environment for our students but also for our learning guides. Remote work, appreciation, flexibility in the learning plan, small classes, supervision, and an attractive salary with less time commitment than in the state school system allow us to choose from the best.


Our learning guides must think agilely and be open-minded to fit our concept. Despite all qualifications, our learning guides sometimes take unusual paths and are always up-to-date both in their subject area and in their teaching approach.

This is what sets us apart from state school systems

“UNBRICKED is not just different – UNBRICKED is better!

Of course, it’s nice to have the security that your child can stay in their class even when you have to or want to travel.

But let’s be honest: many state school systems completely fail when it comes to preparing children for the future. Many children will have jobs that don’t even exist yet. For over a hundred years, little has changed in the pedagogical concept of state education systems. On the contrary, some things have gotten worse.

The future is different!”

State school systems
Students per class
Location Independence
high, internet access necessary
locally only
natural inclusion thanks to small classes
Education benchmark
minimum requirement not met (7.5 million employed people in Germany are functional illiterates, 20.5 million adults struggle with writing simple words).
differentiated based on performance and interests at a high level
Coaching for learning plans and personality
not available
once weekly
Collaboration with parents
little to no desire
Teaching materials
Education for independent learning and living
full focus
academic training and non-academic background teaching assistants

teacher shortage predicted in Germany for 2034/35: 85,000

little to no quality professional development opportunities available.
academic education and experts from business, science, art, sports, and culture.

no teacher shortage.

continuous high-quality training.
Social interaction
high, but often difficult
focus on class community, strengthened by two deep dives annually

Requirements & Pricing

Requirements for Participation
We want to provide the opportunity for as many children as possible to receive a modern education. Accordingly, the requirements for participation are kept as low as possible:

  • Stable Internet connection, a laptop, computer or tablet with webcam and microphone (we recommend using an external microphone), as well as headphones
  • Willingness to regularly participate in classes
  • Residence or stay in the time zones UTC-1 to UTC+6

    We have deliberately decided to forego government funding, as we would be subject to the same government constraints in our work that we are trying to break in order to enable a new kind of school. Because we love transparency, you get all the details about our prices here.

    There is a one-time registration fee. The annual tuition fee is charged monthly in twelve equal payments.
Secondary school
(ca. 10-18 years old)
Admission fee (one-time)
1200 € / incl. VAT
School Fee (Monthly)
1990 € / incl. VAT
Deep Dives
2 per school year included (excluding travel costs)

Can my child be part of UNBRICKED?

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