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Here you will find a collection of all the important questions that we frequently receive.

General questions

UNBRICKED is a new type of school. That was the short answer. The long answer will be provided when you read through our homepage. However, to give you a quick orientation:

  • UNBRICKED is an online school for all students from first grade to high school who are located in time zones UTC-1 to UTC+6.
  • It is for families that value local and temporal flexibility, and for parents who want an education for their children that goes beyond the standard in terms of content, method, and attitude.
  • UNBRICKED is future-oriented and your alternative if you want the best for your child.

The name UNBRICKED is inspired by “The Wall” by the rock band Pink Floyd. As the lyrics go, “…just another brick in the wall…”.

Our mission is to offer an alternative to the state school system. We would rather not fit children into a fixed system with the aim of producing conformist workers who fit into the existing system (just another brick in the wall). Instead, we want to provide children with a modern education that truly meets their interests and offers them space to develop – a development that they can significantly influence themselves. In short, UNBRICKED.

The lessons take place where your child is currently located. The only requirement is a stable internet connection, a webcam, and headphones. Whether your child is at their home desk or somewhere else tomorrow, the lessons are conducted over the Zoom conference software. It is recommended to use an external microphone to ensure optimal audio quality.

Of course, joining UNBRICKED is possible at any time. Once we have become better acquainted with your child, we will find the appropriate class for them.

“We have fixed school hours:

1. From the first Monday in September to December 20th,
2. From January 7th to one week before Easter and
3. One week after Easter until mid-July.

In the interest of a healthy class dynamic, we value continuity and reliability. Therefore, your child should regularly participate in classes. It doesn’t matter if your child is sitting on the train, in a hotel, or in a beach café. However, we are a private educational company and do not require a doctor’s note if you have other plans.”

It depends on which country you live in. Many European countries do not have compulsory education and you do not need a school exemption. In the application form, we ask you about your country of residence. This way, in our joint call, we have all the information about your particular country ready.

We value continuity and reliability for our students. That is why our contracts have a minimum term of one school year. However, we understand that there may be situations that require flexibility. Just speak to us and we will find a solution.

Currently, we are preparing our students for all British and German school qualifications and advising on the desired external examination, even if you live in another country. We also prepare exams in other countries and gradually expand our offer based on demand.

We charge a one-time admission fee. The tuition fee is an annual fee and is spread over twelve months. The following monthly investment results for participation at UNBRICKED. The admission fee is 1200 € / incl. VAT. The monthly payment for participation in the primary school is 890 € / incl. VAT and for the secondary school it is 1,990 € / incl. VAT.

Questions about our concept

Primary school students are taught by qualified class teachers with necessary academic degrees. The teachers are carefully selected for their genuine love for young children. Non-native English speakers speak at least C1 level. In addition to the regular school curriculum, your child can participate in projects led by experts from art, culture, science, sports or business fields, depending on the subject.

Our secondary school students are mainly taught by two fixed class teachers, one from the natural sciences and one from the humanities. Of course, they have the necessary academic qualifications and speak at least English at C1 level. In addition, other learning coaches are available to secondary school students, including trained teachers or experts in art, culture, science, sports or business. The more experienced students are in a subject, the more important it is to have real professionals from the field by their side.

Each class has one (primary school) or two (secondary school) teacher(s) who have the appropriate teaching qualifications and necessary academic degree. Furthermore, our teachers speak English at least at a C1 level. Our experts are genuine professionals in their respective fields.

Every school year, students have the opportunity to participate in two DEEP DIVES. We meet with our students at an interesting location in Europe. Once at the beginning of the school year with their respective classes and once in the week leading up to Easter break with all students. Our DEEP DIVES are much more than just a normal class trip. They involve social interactions, networking, languages, culture, and sports. Participation in our DEEP DIVES is included in the school fee, excluding travel expenses. Are you worried about sending your child on the flight alone? Lufthansa offers an escort service ( for children aged 12 and over. Is your child under 12 years old? We can help you find a suitable companion. And of course, we will pick up your child from the airport, port, or train station. It’s obvious. And think of it this way: Your child acquires new skills and expands their competence range when traveling independently. Of course, we mentally prepare our students for this in class. Because this is also UNBRICKED.

On one day of the week, we dissolve the class and our students have the opportunity to participate in joint projects with students from other classes according to their interests. Possible projects are: entrepreneurship, theater, cryptocurrencies, finance, languages, social media, filming, composing, poetry slam, rhythm, self-love, how we will live and work in the future, the dynamics of family businesses, lively language, blockchain technology, intercultural perspectives, learning workshop, podcast, self-coaching, meditation, philosophy, questioning thinking, human-animal relationship, handicrafts, writing workshop, quantum physics, metacognition, body intelligence, law, movement and consciousness, who am I?, career biography, planetary health, artificial intelligence, mindset, feelings, choir, and much more.

“Playing is an activity that cannot be taken too seriously,” said Jacques-Yves Cousteau. And that’s exactly what we believe too. You may have been wondering about the term “Math Experts Playground” as you read this. We open our playgrounds whenever students are particularly interested in a topic. This way, we promote the special talents of our students and immerse ourselves deeply in their respective areas of interest. This is what real talent promotion looks like.

Questions about the application

You simply fill out our short form, choose an appointment time, ask any questions you have, and receive the admission contract from us. Sign it, send it back: Let’s get started!

Can my child be part of UNBRICKED?

In our Freedom Guide, you will find all the information summarized for you. Including all the requirements, a homeschooling overview for 25 countries to guide you, as well as three inspiring stories from famous personalities who enjoyed homeschooling as children.

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