Join our first two pilot classes and paint the future of education!

“Every beginning is difficult, as they say. But not only that! Every beginning also offers many very special opportunities. Not only for us, but especially for our students and their parents.

In our first two pilot classes, you have the opportunity to play a decisive role in painting the future of UNBRICKED!

And as a big thank you, we have a very special offer for you!”

No one likes to be second. Be the first instead

Be part of our revolution in education and take part in one of the first two classes, in which we bring our mind-blowing educational concept into real life. 

In our imagination, our concept runs perfectly. However, we know that every project that needs to be implemented from theory to practice faces challenges. There may be hiccups and just like for our students, direct feedback is also key to our continuous improvement.

And this is where you come in.  We need your direct feedback. What works great, and what doesn’t work in practice as intended? We want to react quickly and correct, thus laying the foundation for the best education together with you and your child. If you are a first mover, who likes to be part of something new and really have an impact, then be a part of your child’s success and many other children by helping us to shape UNBRICKED.

The full package plus special gift

As we want to bulletproof our whole concept, your kids can look forward to all the perks of it. Pedagogues, experts, project-based learning, individual support, a small class of max. 8 students and, of course, English as the teaching language. You can find all details here.

We will run our pilotclasses from the start of March 2024 until Mid-July. 

Our pilotclasses will be secondary school only. Primary school will be open for applications for the school year 2024/2025.

Period of Pilotclasses

Beginning of March 2024 – Mid-July 2024

Deep Dive

The exact deep dive date(s) and location(s) will be announced as soon as possible after the two pilotclasses are final. 

Be part of the first two classes and...

Paint the future of EDUCATION

Being part of the first two classes of UNBRICKED you will not only have a special place in our hearts forever, but also have the chance to influence our concept with your valuable feedback. 

50% Reduced Admission Fee

As a special thank you for your support, we will grant a huge 50% discount on the onetime admission fee. Therefore, as a first mover, your child’s admission fee will be only 599€ instead of the regular 1200 €. 

40% reduced School Fee

On top of the reduced admission fee, the monthly school fee will be only 1490€ instead of the regular 1990€. 

And the best part. To show our appreciation, we will guarantee this price for you as long as your child stays with UNBRICKED. 

In that case, you will save 6.000€ per school year.

Frequently asked questions

Our secondary school students are mainly taught by two fixed class teachers, one from the natural sciences and one from the humanities. Of course, they have the necessary academic qualifications and speak at least English at C1 level. In addition, other learning coaches are available to secondary school students, including trained teachers or experts in art, culture, science, sports or business. The more experienced students are in a subject, the more important it is to have real professionals from the field by their side.

Each class has one (primary school) or two (secondary school) teacher(s) who have the appropriate teaching qualifications and necessary academic degree. Furthermore, our teachers speak English at least at a C1 level. Our experts are genuine professionals in their respective fields.

Our regular fees for secondary school students are an admission fee of 1200€ and a monthly fee of 1990€ paid over the whole year.

As being part of our very first two classes, the admission fee for your child will be only 599€ and the monthly fee only 1490€ (to be paid monthly per school year. For pilotclasses February till August 2024. Regularly September till August).

And to show our huge appreciation for your help, we will guarantee the monthly price for you, as long as your child stays with UNBRICKED.

Just book your free call with us and let’s get to know each other, so we both know, we are the right fit for each other.

Let's talk

You are already hooked about being one of a few first movers at UNBRICKED or have some questions left? 

Either way, we can’t wait to get to know you! Book your free “Get to know” Call with us and let’s change the world of education together!