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7 reasons why your child should grow up bilingual

I grew up knowing that I spoke English poorly. This belief dominated my entire school years. And it’s true, my vocabulary is limited, my grammar, well, mediocre. I’m just not gifted in languages. All nonsense, I know today. It has nothing to do with “yes or no” language skills. I just didn’t find any access […]

The perfect learning environment for your child

A good learning environment for your child is crucial to promote concentration and effective learning and thus support their education. This is just as true for a face-to-face school as it is for an online school. But what does a good learning environment for your child include? Safety and well-being Every child must feel safe […]

Doing well at school thanks to Brainfood


Do you like to eat as much as I do? I love good food. And the nice thing is, I live and work in Denia on the Costa Blanca. Here, small fishing boats go out to sea every day of the week and bring in fresh fish, which can be bought directly in the adjacent […]

When your child is “different”….

“Lisa forms grammatically complex sentences without errors.” “Ehm, yeah right. What else,” I thought. In my hands, I held my daughter’s first school report. But let’s rewind a few years. I was determined to become a mother at a young age. That worked out. Six weeks after my 22nd birthday, Lisa was delivered by cesarean […]

How the “network” principle of elite universities is even helping your school child

network principle of elite universities

Just a few decades ago, we surrounded ourselves mainly with the people we physically had around us every day. Exchanges with people from other countries and cultures took place only occasionally at most. Things are very different today. In our globalized world, where technology and communication seem to know no boundaries, the ability to network […]

Why early rising harms your child

why rising ealy harms your child

Can you remember your school days? And do you remember getting up early in the morning? I’m not really a late riser, but especially in winter, getting up physically hurt me. I didn’t spend much thought on it when I was a kid. “That’s just the way it is,” I thought. And then all the […]

Modern Education: Empowering Future Generations for a Changing World

In the dynamic landscape of the 21st century, education has undergone a significant transformation, ushering in the era of modern education. This evolution goes beyond conventional classroom settings and textbooks, embracing a comprehensive approach that prepares learners for the complexities of the modern world. Modern education is not just about knowledge transfer; it’s about nurturing […]