Join our first two pilot classes and paint the future of education!

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Your way to UNBRICKED

Sure, you can simply register your child with us. However, it is more likely that you have questions for us, right? We would be happy to answer your questions in a personal online meeting through Zoom. This way, you have the opportunity to get to know us better directly, rather than just through email or phone.

Your way to UNBRICKED

Simply fill out our short application form and then choose a date for an online call. The purpose of this call is to learn more about your child and their previous personal and academic history. It’s important to us that UNBRICKED is the right choice for you, your child, and your personal situation. Of course, during the call, you have the opportunity to ask any questions or express any concerns you may still have.

Fill out the form
To give us an initial overview of you, your child, and your situation, please fill out our short application form.
Pick a date
After submitting the form, you will receive an invitation link to choose a date and time for a Zoom call. There you will choose a schedule that suits you well.
We are getting to know each other and you have the opportunity to have our educational concept explained to you again in great detail. And of course, we will answer all of your open questions.
Einladung zu UNBRICKED
Wenn alles passt und aktuell freie Plätze verfügbar sind, erhältst du die Einladung mit dem Aufnahmevertrag zu UNBRICKED. Nachdem du uns den Vertrag unterschrieben zurückgesendet hast, kann es losgehen.
Welcome to UNBRICKED
We warmly welcome your child.
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unserem Zoom-Call

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Now, there are only a few steps left to reach us and we are very excited about it. Please fill out the form and soon it will say: Hello, Hola, Hello, Salut, ….

You got questions?

You are interested in registering your child with UNBRICKED, but you are not quite sure or have open questions? Just write us an email and we will make sure to answer your questions.