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20 + 1 reasons why your child should attend an international online school

20 reason why your child should attend online school
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1. International perspective

Attending an international online school gives your child the chance to interact with students and teachers from different parts of the world. This naturally creates a rich cultural understanding and empowers students to develop international perspectives. An international online schools promotes cultural richness as students interact with peers from different countries on a daily basis. This supports the development of students’ cultural intelligence and enriches their educational experience.

2. Safety

An online school is a reliable and safe alternative to traditional face-to-face schooling, especially in times of pandemics and wars. Experience during the Corona pandemic showed that during this time of danger, traditional schooling was extremely compromised. An online education offers students the opportunity to learn safely from home or anywhere else in the world. This minimizes potential health risks or danger to body and soul and provides safety for students and their families while providing educational continuity.

3. Specialized courses

International online schools open up a world of educational opportunities for students beyond what is offered in traditional schools. A particular advantage is that teachers are knowledgeable in the international online field of their subject, allowing them to offer access to specialized courses that are often hard to find. This gives students the opportunity to delve into niche areas that are rarely covered in traditional schools.

4. Avoiding long commutes to school

Many students stand at bus stops in the dark in the morning, squeeze onto overcrowded buses or walk long distances before finally sitting in class. And in the afternoon, the madness starts all over again. Many children waste two hours or more of their precious life time on the way to school every day. Online students can invest this time for the way to school in their school education or their free time, because the way to the classroom is only a few meters away. There are also children who have a dangerous way to school, along main roads full of exhaust fumes or endangered by bullying older teenagers on the way to school or worse. What sounds like a bad detective story is in fact for many students their real, daily gauntlet.

5. Parents’ professional flexibility

One in six employees lives a mobile lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you’re a soldier, artist, athlete, entrepreneur or employee of an international corporation. Having your child attend an online school gives you complete local and therefore professional flexibility. So you can pursue your career goals completely free of the obligations of a face-to-face school. Do you have a job that requires you to travel frequently? Take your family with you. Do you have to move every two years for your job? That’s hard on kids alone. Online students keep their social connections with classmates throughout their school years.

6. Access to top-notch teachers

International online schools tend to have highly qualified teachers from different parts of the world who can provide students with top-notch education.

Choosing an international online school opens up a world of educational opportunities for your child, in addition to cultural diversity, which is enriched by access to top-notch teachers. International online schools employ teachers of outstanding quality because the choices are almost endless, as they are not geographically limited. How many super educators do you think there are in the immediate school environment around your corner? Exactly! Of course, this also applies to mentors and experts who enrich the teaching in projects and lecture series, for example.

7. Reduced distractions and the benefits of a quiet learning environment.

Choosing an online school allows your child to learn in a quiet, home-like environment, free from the common distractions of a traditional classroom setting. For many students, this environment makes a critical difference in their concentration and learning success.

In the comfort of home, your child learns free from the usual classroom noise and distractions. This quiet encourages concentration and allows them to focus on their own tasks without being distracted by social distractions or noise.

And the home learning environment also offers more flexibility in the design of the workspace. Your child can customize their learning space to meet their individual needs, whether it’s choosing an ergonomic desk, arranging educational materials, or adjusting lighting and temperature.

Reducing distractions in a customized, quiet, home learning environment will have a positive impact on the quality of learning.

8. Access for children with special needs

Children with special needs or health challenges often do not have adequate options from face-to-face schools. However, accessibility to a high quality education is a critical factor in your child’s learning and personal development. Educational materials and resources can usually be easily and quickly tailored to your child’s individual needs. This promotes a personalized education that aims to best nurture and develop your child’s skills and strengths.

The demands of getting to school, physical hurdles in school buildings, or social interactions can present challenges that interfere with educational success.

By choosing an online school, children with special needs have the opportunity to receive their education from home – in their familiar and supportive environment. This accessibility allows them to overcome barriers and focus on learning without the physical or social challenges of a face-to-face school.

9. Flexibility: Customizable schedule and freedom to travel.

The flexibility offered by attending an international online school is a transformative educational opportunity for your child. It allows them to design their own learning path, adapted to individual needs and life circumstances.

In an online school environment, children have the freedom to design their own schedule. This means they are able to adjust their learning sessions to their biorhythms and free time, allowing them to focus on the subjects that interest them the most. This individualization leads to a deeper learning experience and fosters self-organization skills.

In addition, the flexibility of online schools allows children to travel while learning and adapt to their family’s lifestyle. Whether it’s a longer trip or short-term excursions. Your child simply takes their classroom anywhere there’s internet.

10. Customized learning: Personalized education and individual development.

One of the greatest strengths of online schools is their ability to tailor education to each child’s individual needs and interests. This leads to a highly personalized educational experience that supports your child’s love of learning and development.

In an online school, your child has much greater opportunities to learn at their own pace and explore topics that fascinate them the most. This allows them to develop their knowledge and skills in ways that are often not possible in traditional schools.

This personalized education not only promotes academic growth, but also supports the development of critical thinking, self-confidence, and self-determination. Your child will be encouraged to actively participate in their own learning process and develop an intrinsic motivation for knowledge.

11. Improved self-organization: promoting time management and personal responsibility.

Attending an online school encourages your child to develop important skills in self-organization and time management. These skills are not only important for their school career, but will also accompany them later in life.

In an online school environment, students are largely responsible for structuring their own daily routines. This requires them to organize themselves to manage educational materials, meet deadlines, and track their learning progress. This personal responsibility promotes better self-organization.

Learning in a flexible environment also teaches children how to use their time efficiently. They need to plan their learning times to ensure they cover the subject matter while allowing time for breaks and leisure activities. In this way, your child learns early on how to manage their time wisely, set priorities, develop discipline, and work independently – all skills that are invaluable to their personal and professional success.

12. Wide range of educational opportunities

International online schools are often characterized by an impressive variety of educational opportunities that go far beyond what traditional schools offer. Teachers are not only experts in their subject, but also in the use of the Internet and are always informed about other educational and course offerings that the infinite possibilities of the internet provide. This wide range of subjects opens up the opportunity for your child to shape their education in a way that best suits their individual interests and goals.

Students can customize their curriculum to meet their interests and future career goals, creating a solid foundation for a successful career.

After all, the availability of a wide range of courses allows your child to shape their education in a way that accommodates their individual learning style and pace.

13. Better integration of technology, digital literacy and preparation for the future

Digitization is becoming increasingly important in education and in working life. In this respect, online schools are pioneers in promoting digital competencies and preparing students for an increasingly digitized world.

The integration of technology into the curriculum of online schools goes far beyond the use of computers. Students learn to effectively use innovative digital tools and resources to optimize their learning, critique online content, and use social media responsibly. In summary, your child will learn to navigate the digital society with confidence. The master key to future readiness.

14. Time savings: More time for extracurricular interests and activities.

Participating in an online school brings the classroom home, creating valuable time savings for students. As mentioned above, long routes to school are eliminated. On top of that, your child saves many more valuable minutes that can be spent on recreational activities or anything else. Pointless breaks because rooms or teachers have to be changed. Long distances to sports halls, many minutes until teachers are finally in the classroom and have ensured silence, waiting in line at the cafeteria to get food, several free periods and, and, and….

In the online school environment, all these time-consuming aspects of everyday school life are eliminated.

Plenty of free time to pursue hobbies, be it music, sports, art, or other extracurricular activities, where your child can socialize in their environment.

Overall, saving time allows your child to lead a more balanced life. More time with family and friends, time for rest and relaxation, which is so important, especially during puberty. So your child can lead a healthier and happier lifestyle as a whole.

And oh by the way, many students also use their newfound free time for extracurricular learning. Reading, experimenting, learning languages, the possibilities are endless – if you have any time left over after a day at school.

15. Integration of current events: Education in the context of world events

International online schools offer a valuable advantage that is particularly relevant in today’s ever-changing world: the integration of current events into the curriculum. This flexibility allows teachers and students to integrate contemporary issues into the educational process and develop a deep understanding of the world around them. Unlike face-to-face school with textbooks that cannot provide this timeliness, online school focuses on current events even in conservative subject areas.

The ability to quickly absorb current events and trends in all fields provides students with an educational approach that focuses on the reality and challenges of the present. This not only promotes a broader awareness of world events, but also better prepares students for the demands and changes of modern society.

In addition, classmates and teachers from different cultural lifeworlds bring a broad spectrum of “reality” into the school day, so that your child’s lifeworld does not only relate to their own environment. As a result, discussions on complex topics such as environmental issues, social movements, political developments and global health crises always arise directly from the lifeworld of a schoolmate you have taken to your heart. This leads to a completely different understanding of these issues and often to a willingness to find solutions on the part of the entire class, which produces fantastic approaches. Quite different from what textbooks can do, even though they are now available digitally in many schools.

16. Worldwide certification: Global recognition and educational opportunities.

Online school degrees often meet internationally recognized standards and qualifications, allowing students to apply to colleges and universities around the world. This global recognition greatly expands the choice of educational institutions and degree programs, allowing students to choose the educational path that best fits their goals.

In addition, globally recognized degrees open doors to global career opportunities. Employers in various countries value the quality and flexibility that comes with graduating from an international online school. Graduates are often seen as well-prepared and adaptable, qualities that are invaluable in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

17. Adapting to Life Circumstances: Continuity and Stability in a Changing World

For children whose lives are shaped by frequent travel, relocations, or other uncertainties, engaging in online education provides an invaluable sense of continuity and stability in an ever-evolving world.

Education in a traditional brick-and-mortar school can prove challenging for children who must relocate or travel regularly due to family or professional circumstances. They face the daunting task of acclimating to different school systems and curricula, often resulting in gaps in their education. Online schools offer a consistent and reliable learning environment, irrespective of their current location.

Children learning in online schools have the opportunity to seamlessly continue their educational journey, no matter where their travels or relocations take them. This fosters continuity in their academic trajectory, allowing them to progress in their education without interruptions or delays.

The stability offered by online schools extends beyond the realm of education. Particularly for adolescents during their puberty, emotional stability within their environment is crucial. An online school enables your child to maintain close connections with their teachers and peers, even when they are physically separated. This fosters social bonds and support systems that are vital for their well-being and emotional development.

The adaptability of online schools to different life circumstances creates an educational environment that respects children’s needs and provides them with the opportunity to thrive in a changing world. It offers continuity and stability, ensuring your child has a place that remains constant – a piece of home.

18. Reduced School Fees: Cost-Effective Education Options

Undoubtedly, excellent education should be accessible to everyone. However, until that becomes a reality, you often find yourself choosing between a subpar public education for your child or a superior private one. In many cases, international online schools emerge as a cost-effective alternative to expensive private schools or boarding institutions.

International online schools frequently offer lower fees compared to pricey private schools or boarding facilities, all while maintaining the quality of education. An international boarding school in Switzerland can cost upwards of 60,000 Swiss Francs annually, roughly equivalent to $67,000 USD. International online schools save on building, accommodation, and meal expenses. This allows families to reduce educational costs while ensuring their children have access to a top-notch education.

19. Highly Qualified Teaching Staff: Natural Selection and Quality Assurance

The quality of the teaching staff is paramount to ensuring your child receives a high-caliber education. In international online schools, there often exists a natural mechanism that favors the selection and retention of highly qualified teachers.

The self-responsibility and individualized curriculum design in online schools mean that teachers can focus on teaching and supporting students without being distracted by administrative tasks or disciplinary matters. This attracts teachers who possess a strong passion for education and who are fully dedicated to the academic growth of their students.

Moreover, the flexibility and autonomy enjoyed by teachers in online schools often attract dedicated and highly qualified educators who can think more “out of the box” compared to their counterparts in the public school system, which is often entrenched in tradition. They are more inclined than their peers in brick-and-mortar schools to leverage innovative teaching methods and technologies to promote student learning.

Online schools do not provide a conducive environment for mediocre or complacent teachers. This natural selection process creates a vibrant learning environment where the best teachers strive to bring out the best in their students.

20. Creativity and Self-Expression

International online schools provide a unique environment that fosters the creative development and self-expression of students. By leveraging digital media and collaborative online tools, students have the opportunity to explore their creative abilities in diverse ways and express their thoughts and ideas in a broader context.

Your child learns to design projects, presentations, and artistic works that reflect their creativity and originality. The multitude of digital tools available opens up a world of possibilities, from creating multimedia presentations to producing music or videos. These experiences not only nurture your child’s creative skills but also enable them to explore their interests and talents in multifaceted ways.

Another crucial dimension of this aspect is the promotion of self-confidence and self-expression. The necessity to present oneself through the screen encourages students to confidently share their thoughts and ideas. No one can fade into the background, and students learn to express themselves clearly and stand up for their opinions. This not only enhances their communication skills but also boosts their self-esteem and assertiveness.

20 +1 Environmental Awareness: Reducing the Ecological Footprint and Promoting Sustainable Education

International online schools not only offer educational opportunities but also make a significant contribution to environmental conservation by reducing the ecological footprint. This makes them an eco-friendly educational alternative for families looking to make environmentally conscious choices.

One of the most obvious environmental benefits of online schools is the reduction in daily transportation. Students, teachers, and parents no longer need to commute long distances to school, thus decreasing traffic congestion and CO2 emissions. This contributes to the alleviation of road congestion and the reduction of the environmental impacts of commuting.

In addition to the reduced transportation needs, online schools often have lower physical infrastructure, leading to a decrease in energy consumption. With minimal paper usage and no large school building to construct, heat, or maintain, the environmental impact is significantly reduced.

The environmental awareness fostered by participating in international online schools extends to the students themselves. They learn how education and environmental conservation can go hand in hand, developing an awareness of the ecological challenges of our time.

For families dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainability, choosing an online school can be a meaningful decision that reduces the ecological footprint and promotes an eco-friendly educational alternative.

Conclusion: The Diverse Benefits of International Online Schools

International online schools offer a wide array of advantages and opportunities that enrich students’ educational experiences in diverse ways. From promoting a global perspective to fostering self-expression and creativity, these schools provide a rich and versatile educational environment.

The flexibility provided by online schools enables students to tailor their educational paths and integrate contemporary issues into the curriculum. This not only fosters a better understanding of the world but also better prepares students for the challenges of the present.

Furthermore, international online schools provide students with the opportunity for creative expression and self-discovery by utilizing digital media and collaborative tools. This not only nurtures their creative skills but also enhances their self-confidence and ability to navigate the digital world securely.

Overall, international online schools offer an educational environment that equips students with the tools and resources to thrive in a globalized world. They encourage students to be curious, think innovatively, and fully harness their talents, preparing them for a successful future.

While not every one of the 20 + 1 reasons may be decisive for you, certainly one or more of these reasons resonate strongly. UNBRICKED stands by each and every point listed above and is committed to implementing them in the best possible way, whether it’s regarding the selection of teaching staff, the ecological footprint, or the broad spectrum of educational offerings. UNBRICKED – A NEW WAY OF SCHOOL.

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